PALUX Topline
Technically at the highest level!

The design and functionality of PALUX Topline components comply with the latest knowledge with regard to engineering, ergonomics, hygiene and organisation.

  • Energy-saving techniques, such as induction hobs, insulation and low-heat radiation from highly polished surfaces ensure a pleasant working climate in the kitchen,
  • all units have extremely short heating-up times so that they are quickly ready for use and can also be connected to an energy optimisation system,
  • all units are manufactured from high-quality, long-life chromium nickel steel and are designed to be space-saving,
  • the units are mounted on bases with many different fitting options on feet or plinths,
  • the modern design also makes the kitchen a visually attractive workplace,
  • the standard height of the units and many practical details for reliable and simple operation perfect application and economy in the kitchen,
  • a patented, flush and almost seamless link system, without bumps or grooves, guarantees top hygiene and optimum handling of cooking pans,
  • seamlessly deep-drawn, welded troughs and the pivoted flat-tube heater in the Topline Vario Cooker, Vario Griller and Deep Fat Fryer ensure particular ease of cleaning, optimum temperature transfer and safety,
  • a standard, modular system design – 400, 600 and 800 mm wide – guarantees that all units can be combined in the best possible way.

All units of the PALUX Topline series are now available in the standard look with black operating foil, as well as the Black Edition with black operating foil and black front panel in RAL 9011 graphite black matt.

Design options as Black Edition


Looking for even more process reliability?

PALUX Topline D with digital display and electronic control: technically even more advanced – for maximum process reliability during operation!

With our Topline D, chefs are always on the safe side: The electronic control and digital display ensure maximum process reliability during operation. Depending on the device, either the temperature can be set to the nearest degree or the power level can be set precisely in percent. Due to the high temperature accuracy, you achieve the best results when frying and cooking. This makes daily work at the easier.

Of course, individual Topline units in existing kitchens can be replaced by newer units from the Topline D series.

Exact. Accurate to the degree. Safe.

Special features:

  • Heating elements respond more quickly to temperature changes
  • All devices of the Topline series also available in digital version

Find out more about the PALUX Topline D series

From planning to

operation: One partner!

From planning to

operation: One partner!