PALUX Pressure Steamer

With intuitive touchscreen user interface


Perfect cooking results in record time: gentle, time-saving and economical

The PALUX Pressure Steamer is versatile and delivers perfect cooking results: The compact table-top appliance steams potatoes, vegetables, fish and meat within a very short time, it blanches, poaches, vitalises and, if required, also masters long-time cooking.

The PALUX Pressure Steamer prepares food in an efficient, reliable and gentle way within minutes. In addition to the taste of the food itself, important vitamins, nutrients and minerals are preserved. The combination of steam and pressure allows optimized heat transfer and shortens the cooking time by up to 70 % compared to traditional cooking methods.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect cooking results in record time
  • Highest vitamin and colour retention of the prepared food
  • No overproduction due to needs-based cooking in just a few minutes
  • For gentle steaming of potatoes, vegetables and fish
  • Cooking time reduced by up to 60% compared to combi steamers
  • Suitable for low temperature cookingPALUX_Druck-Steamer_311-Comfort_black_frontal_geschlossen.jpg
  • Fast steam readiness
  • Compact table-top unit with large cooking chamber 3 x GN 1/1
  • Stepless pressure cooking from 0 - 1 bar
  • Guided cleaning/rinsing programme
  • Integrated water softener with automatically guided regeneration
  • USB port for reading of HACCP protocols
  • Remote maintenance possible via Ethernet connection
  • Pull-out shower for quick cleaning optionally available
  • Substructure and GN container optionally available

Easy to operate

  • Manual or programmed working with stored cooking programs
  • Simple operation via fingertip or by sliding on the touch display
  • Start time preselection up to 24 hours
  • The time can be displayed and selected in mm:ss or hh:mm
  • Actual temperature can be easily displayed at any time via touch display
  • All 3 operating modes can be activated individually via touch
  • Temperature, time or core temperature can be individually changed quickly

Integrated cook book

The pressure steamer has an integrated cookbook with preset cooking processes. In addition, you can define and save your own cooking processes.
  • 200 program memory locations with 20 Combisteps
  • 70 preset stored cooking processes
  • Favorites list for quick access to the most common processes
  • Category view for better management of stored cooking processes
  • Info field for working instructions and recipes as well as processes

Wide application spectrum

Healthy steaming – cooking time reduction due to the combination of steam and pressure, prevention of losing vitamins, mineral nutrients, aroma, look, shape and colours:
  • Gentle blanching of food – quick and uncomplicated
  • Perfect poaching every 10 seconds
  • Uncomplicated vitalising à la minute
  • Stewing in shortest time
  • Heating, e.g. soups in a banquet
  • Perfect pasteurising – excellently suited for Sous Vide cooking thanks to motionless steam climate
  • Safe long-time cooking – during your absence you can simply cook overnight
  • Fully automatic pressure cooking processes up to 1 bar

Cooking comparison

By combining steam and pressure, the PALUX Pressure Steamer prepares your food reliably, economically and gently in a matter of minutes. Even at peak times, fast and reliable pre-production is guaranteed – up to 400 portions of vegetables can be steamed exactly to the point per hour.

Steam quickly and gently. Really easy with the PALUX Pressure Steamer.

Product Quantity Pressure Steamer Combi Steamer Pot 10 litres
Spinach 3 kg 23 seconds 2 minutes 3 minutes
Mussels 5 kg 2,5 minutes 5 minutes 4 minutes
Pasta (deep-frozen) 6 kg 2,5 minutes 5 minutes 12 minutes
Broccoli 7,5 kg 1 minute 4 minutes 6 minutes
Carrots (sliced) 7,5 kg 2 minutes 10 minutes 8 minutes
White asparagus 7,5 kg 2,5 minutes 12 minutes 12 minutes
Potatoes (4-cut) 16 kg 8 minutes (soft) 26 minutes (firm) 25 minutes (soft)
Beef rolls, 150 g 90 pieces 45 minutes 90 minutes 180 minutes

Optional features

  • Pull-out shower
  • Booster pump
  • Pressure reducer
  • Substructure

Optional set-up options


Article No.: D311SCRN0KWW00
Length x Depth x Height (mm): 625 x 855 x 835
Connected load (kW) / voltage / fuse: 16,0 / 400V 3N 50-60Hz / 3 x 25 A
Net weight (kg): 95
Gross weight (kg): 104
Temperature range (°C): 50 - 119 (equivalent to 1bar)
Slide-in modules: 3 x 1/1 GN 65mm
Water connection: G ¾
Water pressure: 1,2 - 3,5 bar
Water drain (mm): Ø 20
Direct heat emission (kW): 0,62
Latent heat emission (kW): 0,16
Steam emission (kg/h): 0,23
Degree of protection against water: IPX 5
Pressure range (bar): 0 – 1

We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Product pictures

PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black 45Grad andereSpeisen offen
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black 45Grad geschlossen
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black 45Grad offen freigestellt
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black Blende Screen 01
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black SteamTeam Gemuese
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black SteamTeam Speisen
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black frontal geschlossen
PALUX Druck-Steamer 311-Comfort black frontal offen


From planning to

operation: One partner!

From planning to

operation: One partner!