Touch 'n' Steam

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam
Our Combi Steamers!

PALUX Touch 'n' Steam – so simple, so individual, so perfect! Keep on cooking.
Touch and Operate – easily with the tap of your finger.

  • The innovative touch panel offers, next to an easy and reliable operation, many preparation methods. The appliances are available in two different versions. An appliance that is powerful, multifunctional and intuitive to operate.
  • PALUX Touch 'n' Steam are extremely easy to use and their individuality allows the user to be more creative and flexible. This Combi Steamer Series belongs to the most versatile appliances in a modern and professional kitchen – the extraordinary help!
  • The combination of proven PALUX technology and flexible handling allow the Touch 'n' Steam to be a multifunctional device that is an integral part in every kitchen.
  • The Combi Steamer is available as a compact device in the electrical design (SL) and as a large device in the gas and electrical design (QL) in two different operation versions to choose from.


  • State of the art, intuitive touch control panel for more user friendliness
  • Many different cooking methods for more creativity
  • 4 in 1 flexible Maxi Rack System for flexible modification according to need – GN 1/1 length- and crosswise positionMaxi Rack and Maxi TrayBaking Tray
  • Steam Eco System for the best climate with considerably reduced operating costs.
  • Prima Clima for any kind of preparation –the individual adjustable cooking climate.
  • Automatic Quantity Adjustment – automatic adaptation to suit the quantity of food being cooked.
  • Threefold insulated door glazing as standard feature for a better kitchen climate and additional energy cost savings.
  • Selectable Eco-Cleaning System EAC for optimum hygiene with either solid or liquid cleaner.

All of our experience incorporated into a high-performance intuitive multifunctional device! Quality made by PALUX!


From planning to

operation: One partner!