PALUX goes Social Media

You can find the PALUX AG with its own profiles on these social networks:

In order to guarantee a respectful interaction we've created some guidelines and rules of conduct.
If you want to actively participate in our channels, we kindly ask you to comply with them.


Dear users of our social media channels,
as in real life rules apply online as well. We kindly ask you to follow our guidelines.

  • Mutual respect and tolerance are very important to us, also we welcome constructive criticism. We're against censorship, but insults and abuses are not in our favour. We reserve the right to delete such comments.
  • Comments, in which you tell us your opinion, are very important to us. Also questions are welcome. But we reserve the right to close discsussions which continue to move away from the original topic. Furthermore, if users repeatedly violate our netiquette,  we reserve the right to exclude them from commenting.
  • Untruths, radical, sexual or racist statements based on religion, origin, nationality, disability, income, sexual orientation, age or gender are explicitly forbidden. We reserve the right to delete these postings. Any violations will be blocked. If necessary, legal steps will be taken.
  • The rights of third parties must be respected. Don't publish photos, films or texts that you do not own all rights to. We will delete them.
  • We assume no liability and responsibility for comments or links.
  • Last but not least: Please do not post personal data.

In general: Please behave yourself online as you would like to be treated in real life.

If you follow our netiquette, everything will be alright. We look forward to your comments and a respectful interaction.