PALUX Fry Star Deep Fat Fryers

Single Pan Deep Fat Fryer used for baking and frying of meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and flour dishes.

  • available as Single or Dual Pan Deep Fat Fryer
  • electronic control panel with flush integrated keypad, seamlessly integrated into control panel, available as two different control panels
  • swivelling flat tube heating element with an integrated electronic temperature thermostat and an independent safety thermostat ensures precise temperature regulation, energy transmission and safety.
  • automatic fat melting cycle in the preheating phase.
  • seamlessly deep-drawn, smoothly welded pan with a large radii, perfect to clean, and foam breaking zone, fat drain leads into bottom cabinet
  • removable container on ball bearing slide, dual fat / oil filter system with a coarse- and micro filter ensures the absorption of all frying leftover
  • base cabinet closed with folding door, door hinged to the left
  • additional features: basket lift, oil-/fat filtration, pump system and higher performance

All fryers are available as built-in appliances.


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