PALUX Salamander Variolift C
The classic model – featuring a mechanic timer!

PALUX Features:

  • Salamander Variolift C with Hi-Light-Heating system for fast heating up time and intensive browning results plus energy saving.
  • Individual cooking intensity and optimum browning results: Variable, smooth, stepless operation.
  • Individual and energy-saving. Four heating stages: full, right, left and keeping warm.
  • Automatic plate or GN-pan recognition guarantees a better operating comfort and security due to automatic connection and disconnecting of the heating element.
  • High capacity: Size suitable for GN 1/1 pans or two plates Ø 300 mm, due to accessibility on three sides.
  • In view and under control: Thanks to the appliance being open on three sides, all dishes are always in view.
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces,high quality materials and a support plate folding upwards.
  • Attractive look: Salamander Variolift C Black Edition with black handle and black operating panel.


From planning to

operation: One partner!