PALUX Touch 'n' Steam Workshop Module 1

Basic workshop for the use of the PALUX Touch 'n' Steam combi steamer and its accessories.

The PALUX Touch 'n' Steam is the perfect appliance for professional kitchens – for steaming, vitalising, grilling, frying, thawing, stewing or baking. Whether using the electrical or gas version: The Touch 'n' Steam is ideal for the à la carte and banquet business.

And the best thing about it is that the gentle preparation of the food means that minerals, vitamins, volume and colour of the food are almost completely retained. Consistent and perfect cooking results are easily achieved. The PALUX Touch 'n' Steam makes the heart of every passionate cook beat faster.

In this workshop our application consultants will show you how to have more fun cooking and how to use the full potential of your PALUX Touch 'n' Steam combi steamer.

Main topics, among others:

  • Features of the PALUX Touch 'n' Steam
  • Differences between Basic and Comfort control
  • Use of the integrated cookbook
  • Programming of own cooking processes
  • Vitalising with the PALUX Touch 'n' Steam
  • Baking in the PALUX Touch 'n' Steam
  • Flexible 4-in-1 Maxi Rack System – vary between 4 possible container sizes at any time
  • The right accessories for your application
  • The correct use of the core temperature sensor
  • Overnight cooking
  • Tips for cleaning and care

Registration fee: 450,00 €