PALUX ProfiLine Tilting Pan

For frying, steaming, poaching, braising and roasting of large quantities.

PALUX Features:

  • The pan is mounted centrally between the side beams.
  • Simple and precise tilting via keypad operated motor.
  • Easy-to-clean Tilting Pan with rounded corners made of stainless steel 1.4301 with weld-in pan bottom made from high-grade special steel with high heat conductivity and even heat distribution.
  • Perfect browning results due to the blasted surface.
  • Double-walled, spring-loaded and balanced lid with handle bar.
  • Electric version: Flush, integrated keypad for setting of temperature, time, start time and display of actual values. Easy-to-read display. Tubular heating elements and high quality thermal insulation.
  • Gas version: Heating by atmospheric burners with piezo ignition and ignition safety device. Flue gas chimney in the back, high-quality thermal insulation. Gas stop valve.


From planning to

operation: One partner!