PALUX ProfiLine Induction Range

For cooking and frying with high power, productivity, energy saving and an ultimate cooking experience.

PALUX Features:

  • Cooking zone with a heat resistant ceramic hob.
  • Seperately controllable heating zones.
  • Flush, seamless and waterproof ceramic hob integrated into the cover plate.
  • Induction range as an economical heating system.
  • Short preheating times.
  • Electronic pot detection.


  • Electric Oven GN 2/1 with separately adjustable upper and lower heat. Range of temperature from 75 to 300 °C.
  • Easy-to-clean oven chamber, made of stainless steel, hygienic version.
  • Oven with surrounding insulation, double-walled folding door, spring-loaded and balanced.
  • Removable supports with 3 slots.


From planning to

operation: One partner!