PALUX Hygiene Solutions

PALUX Hygiene solutions Overview

Touchless operation. Perfectly protected. Compliant with the highest hygiene standards.

The new PALUX hygiene solutions are our answer to the current COVID-19 situation, and the resulting new rules and mandatory hygiene protection schedules. Our hygiene solutions are the best approach to ensuring simple operation and a quick and easy way to achieving touchless hand hygiene.


Preventing infection with touchless hygiene solutions from PALUX

Two of the most important steps to take to effectively counter infectious diseases are regular hand washing and the use of hand disinfectants. Improving hand hygiene significantly reduces the ability of the COVID-19 virus to spread while also reducing the risk of being infected by other microbes and pathogens to a minimum.

Manufactured from high-quality chromium nickel steel to ensure easy cleaning, the new PALUX Disinfection Station and new PALUX Hygiene Station ensure compliance with the new hygiene standards. Our solutions give you a rapid and reliable way to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 regulations issued by local authorities while optimising your hygiene plan.

The new PALUX products can be deployed flexibly and are available in several different design variants. Both products ensure full compliance with the more stringent hygiene requirements. Ideal for use in the hospitality sector, hotel industry and community catering, as well as healthcare and nursing institutions, such as hospitals, care homes and retirement homes. Also perfect for installing in heavily-frequented environments in public spaces, as well as areas accessible to the general public and other high-risk hygiene areas.

Maximum hygiene with minimum effort: PALUX hygiene solutions mean you are always on the safe side!

All advantages at a glance

  • Perfect for full compliance with the new, more stringent hygiene standards.
  • Rapid, reliable implementation of COVID-19 regulations imposed by local authorities.
  • Complete, standalone hygiene management in a single unit.
  • Touchless operation for perfect hand hygiene.
  • Flexible deployment.
  • Made from high-quality, easy-to-clean chromium nickel steel.
  • Available in various design variants.
  • To ensure maximum hygiene and greater safety.

Fields of application

The PALUX hygiene solutions are among others ideal for:

Company premises and others with catering services

  • Large kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Canteens
  • Restaurants

Highly-frequented environments in the public sector

  • Railway stations
  • Council offices
  • Libraries
  • Office spaces
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Day nurseries
  • Concert halls
  • Covered markets
  • Trade fair centres
  • Museums
  • Local government buildings
  • Town halls
  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Theatres
  • Universities
  • Event venues
  • etc.

Public sector

Other high-risk hygiene areas

PALUX Disinfection Station

PALUX Disinfection Station

Touchless. Space-saving. Sturdy.

The ideal solution for perfect hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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PALUX Hygiene Station

PALUX Hygiene Station

For completely touchless hand hygiene.

One station for all of your hygiene needs: touchless hand washing, drying and disinfection.

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