PALUX ProfiLine Deep Fat Fryers

For baking and frying meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables etc.

  • seamlessly deep-drawn pan with easy to clean radii and big foam breaking zone
  • swivelling flat tube heating element with an integrated electronic temperature thermostat and an independent safety thermostat ensures precise temperature regulation, energy transmission and safety
  • easy-to-operate control panel with an integrated keypad flush
  • Electronic Plus control panel with a digital display for actual and preset temperature, 4 keys for variable adjustment of temperature and time, memory for up to 20 frying cycles, programmable oil and grease utilization time for an optimum control of grease usage, automatic adjustment of frying time for perfect food quality, stand-by function.
  • range of temperature from 50 - 190 °C with precise temperature recognition of +/- 1 °C
  • automatic fat melting cycle in preheating phase
  • stand-by function to save energy
  • automatic power when supply cut-off swiveling heating elements
  • dual filter system as a removable and easy to clean coarse- and micro filter, ensures the absorption of all frying leftover


  • oil / fat pump and filtration system


From planning to

operation: One partner!