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Christoph Muhr

Christoph Muhr
Teamleader Marketing & Communications

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Re-Audit successfully passed – still Dualis certified training quality at PALUX

The realisation of high-quality and tailor-made kitchen solutions – that is our passion. In order to fulfil our customers' wishes to the fullest extent, we rely not only on high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, but also on comprehensively trained personnel.

In order to support our trainees as future specialists in the best possible way, we had our vocational training reviewed by the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in 2015 according to the Dualis criteria catalogue. On 11.10.2016 PALUX AG was admitted to the audit for the first time – and passed! The first presentation of the certificate "Dualis – Excellent Training Quality" was made on 5.12.2016 by representatives of the IHK. The first re-certification was due in autumn 2019.

Dualis is an offer of the IHK Heilbronn Franken, which is directly addressed to its member companies. In the course of a one-day audit, the quality of vocational training in the company's own training centre is checked. The certification is carried out by three representatives of already certified companies as well as by a Dualis representative of the IHK. The award is given to companies that provide training beyond the minimum requirements of the Vocational Training Act. To ensure that this standard is maintained, a re-audit is carried out every three years.

3 training managers from certified companies and the IHK project manager Lisa Feuchtenbeiner came to our company on 21.11.2019, to see for themselves how our training works in discussions with the training managers and during a tour of the company directly at the training stations.

And we also made it in the "2nd round"! On 28.01.2020 we were again awarded the Dualis certificate by Gerald Fichtner (IHK representative and member of the IHK management of the Heilbronn Franconia region).

We consider the certification procedure and regular auditing to be a great benefit for our vocational training – and thus also for our company. In addition to the goal of further improving our good training, Dualis has brought us many impulses and ideas. These increase both quality and communication in the PALUX training. Because only those who give high priority to the advancement of trainees will be able to continue to draw on the know-how of skilled workers in the future and produce high-end solutions of excellent quality.

We would like to thank all those involved, especially of course our trainees and training officers, for being available for questions in the re-audit process.

Special thanks also go to our trainers Andrea Helget, Michael Müller, Armin Quenzer and Nico Aumann.

From planning to

operation: One partner!

From planning to

operation: One partner!