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PALUX Hygiene Station in “Hausmann’s” in Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport

A few weeks ago, a PALUX Hygiene Station HS 1200, recently introduced as a product innovation, could already be installed in a high-profile location: the Hausmann's Restaurant in Terminal 1 of Frankfurt airport relies on the safe solution for a touch-free hand hygiene from PALUX.

The feedback so far has been more than positive: both visitors to Hausmann's and waiting passengers eagerly use the opportunity to wash their hands safely. It is very easy to use –  we have been told that even young guests can easily clean and disinfect their hands at the HS 1200.

We are very happy that our new PALUX Hygiene Station provides more safety and thus also contributes to the containment of the corona virus.


-08-14 palux-hygienestation-hausmanns-flughafen-frankfurt-01-web
-08-14 palux-hygienestation-hausmanns-flughafen-frankfurt-02-web
-08-14 palux-hygienestation-hausmanns-flughafen-frankfurt-04-web
-08-14 palux-hygienestation-hausmanns-flughafen-frankfurt-14-web


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From planning to

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From planning to

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