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PALUX koch(t) Workshop at the "Deutsche See" in Berlin

At the beginning of this week a PALUX koch(t) seminar took place at our seminar location "Deutsche See" in Berlin. Within a few hours the interested seminar visitors were shown how to prepare high-quality food for their guests with the help of PALUX kitchen technology without stress, hectic and great effort. All based on the principle of the time-shifted production.

The PALUX Touch 'n' Steam, the PALUX SousChef, the PALUX Pan and the PALUX BlastChiller were used. During the seminar the following dishes were prepared for the participants with the time-shifted production: Stuffed poulade roulade with duck farce and sweet mashed potatoes, grilled courgettes, peppers and herb side dishes as well as steamed Romanesco and cauliflower. For the fish lovers there was grilled wild salmon and for the vegetarians savoy cabbage roulade with chestnut filling. Thanks to the clever pre-production, the seminar participants were able to express all their wishes directly on site and everyone could order an individual plate. In only 7 minutes the dishes were vitalized and completed by the addition of herbs, vegetable chips and sauce.

From planning to

operation: One partner!